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CLICK HERE to preview a WAV file reproduction of our Public Service Announcement. File size approximately 674 k.
(3 minute download time at a connection speed of 31,200 bps)

Wings For Greyhounds, Inc. is pleased to be able to offer a preview of a 60 second Radio Public Service Announcement recorded by Mr. Edward Asner, noted actor and friend of animals.

We plan to distribute this Public Service Announcement, which has been recorded on CD, to major radio stations in the Southwestern United States, and we hope that Mr. Asner's celebrity, well-known voice, and brilliant delivery will help us to get this plea for greyhound adoptions on the air in as many places as possible.

Wings For Greyhounds, Inc. extends sincere thanks to Mr. Asner for donating his time and enormous talent to helping the greyhound dogs, to Holger Enge who wrote and donated the excellent script, and to Buzzy's Recording in Los Angeles, California who donated their premier recording facility and professional expertise to make this a reality.

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