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Flight to San Diego, California

On June 9, 2000, Wings For Greyhounds began flying retired racers to a new adoption group located in San Diego, California. Baby and Zorro made the inaugural trip to The Greyhound Connection. The pair were accompanied on the flight by Mission Commander Lanky Lance, and WFG crew Maggie and Mark.

The mission was much more than just flying two wonderful dogs - the local media coverage of our arrival lead to many phone calls to The Greyhound Connection, which in turn helped find homes for many more retired racers.

This trip is dedicated to Gretchen Wyler and The Ark Trust, Inc. for all their help in supporting greyhound rescue.

Baby and Zorro arrive at San Diego, CA Baby and Zorro are welcomed to San Diego by The Greyhound Connection's Mike Bushrell, after a two hour flight from Tucson, Arizona. Also pictured are WFG pilot Maggie McCurry, Mission Commander Lanky Lance and co-pilot Mark Pettijohn.

Photo courtesy The Greyhound Connection

Baby (fawn greyhound) and Zorro are greeted by members of The Greyhound Connection upon arrival at San Diego, California - June 9, 2000.

Photo courtesy The Greyhound Connection
Zorro and Baby are greated by members of The Greyhound Connection upon their arrival at San Diego, California


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