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Winter 2000/Spring 2001 Continued


On Saturday March 10th Mission Commander Lanky Lance arrived in a stretch limousine at the Beverly Hills Hilton for The Ark Trust's 15th Annual Genesis Awards. He was to be co-presenter of the Genesis Award given to CNN for their story "Off Track", an investigative piece on the greyhounds who were sold into research by an unscrupulous animal dealer posing as a greyhound adoption agency.

Lance gets the royal treatment as he's escorted by stretch limo to the Beverly Hills Hilton by his Aunt Healy Cosay. L-R Lance, Maggie, Mark & Healy

Lance getting celebrity treatment!

Lance had a wonderful time! It took us 20 minutes to get up the red carpet because Lance was busy posing for every camera along the way. In the VIP lounge he had photos taken with Judd Nelson, Tim Curry, Linda Blair, Natalie Raitano and cartoonist Cathy Guisewite among many others. Maggie and Lance also did a television interview for "Just Cause", a show that spotlights women involved in philanthropic endeavors on Oprah's Oxygen Media Network. In the green room Lance schmoozed (as only Lance can) with the celebrity presenters and awardees including Bill Maher, host of "Politically Incorrect". His walk on with actress Linda Blair was perfect!

Here is His Royal Lankiness with cartoonist
Cathy Guisewite, Maggie and actress Linda Blair.

Gretchen Wyler, Judd Nelson, Lucky Lance & Maggie
Photo courtesy of The Ark Trust

Leaving with Lance was like a royal procession. Everybody but everybody wanted to pet him including Ms. Gloria Steinem. There seems to be no end to the amount of petting Lanky Lance can absorb.

Lanky Lance Mission Commander Lanky Lance's
Big Night Out!

"Wings For Greyhounds" very own Mission Commander Lanky Lance was chosen to represent the racing greyhounds at the 15th annual Genesis Awards. Here he is with Gretchen Wyler, President of The Ark Trust, actor Judd Nelson and Maggie.

Gretchen Wyler, Judd Nelson, Lucky Lance & Maggie
Photo courtesy of The Ark Trust

All in all it was a special evening for Lance and for all the greyhounds. It provided a valuable forum for people to meet a real, honest to goodness retired racer.

The ceremony was taped for a television special to air on "Animal Planet" on Saturday May 12th at 6pm and 9pm PT, 9pm and midnight EST and Sunday May 13th at 10am PT and 1pm EST.

Seen here with Lance and Maggie are actor Tim Curry, actresses Linda Blair and Natalie Raitano, and former "Survivor 2" cast member Kimmi Kappenberg who walked off the "Survivor" set when they brutally killed a baby pig.

Lance and friends
Photo courtesy of The Ark Trust

The follow up segment for "Just Cause" was filmed a few days later when Maggie flew to San Diego to pick up greyhounds for GPA/LA-OC. The TV crew was at Burbank airport when the Wings For Greyhounds airplane landed. We did another interview and they then followed Joyce McCrorie of GPA and our greyhound stars home and filmed and interviewed some more.

Thanks to Joyce, Nancy and the GPA volunteers who met us in San Diego with greyhounds from the Caliente, Mexico track. Their help in getting this done and getting more media exposure for the greyhounds is greatly appreciated..


It was one of our harder rescue flights. The sight of this very broken greyhound being put on the Wings For Greyhounds airplane was heartbreaking for the pilots Maggie McCurry and Mark Pettijohn.

Arrival  Arrival
Wings For Greyhounds airplane taxies to Glendale Airport with precious cargo
Photo courtesy Woody Woodard / Fast Dogs-Fast Friends

The call came into Wings For Greyhounds at about 11am on Monday March 19th, 2001. A young greyhound had been seriously injured in a training accident in Tucson. It was reported that two year old Zee had caught the training lure. The lure broke away from the arm and Zee flew over a railing sustaining a broken elbow, a broken upper jaw, a severed artery and a number of lacerations including a large open wound on his left side with damage to the muscle.

Zee and Maggie  Zee, Debi & Woody Woodard
Zee rests in 1st class accomodations / Debi and Woody Woodard of
Fast Dogs-Fast Friends carry Zee to their car.

Photo courtesy Woody Woodard / Fast Dogs-Fast Friends

We are thankful that the owner in this case took the dog to the hospital where the artery was stitched and the dog was stabilized. However, the money for the needed surgeries and care was not available and euthanasia seemed to be the only option until Fast Dogs-Fast Friends of Phoenix stepped up and said they would take the greyhound into their program and underwrite his medical care.

First thing Tuesday morning, Wings For Greyhounds pilot Maggie McCurry flew to Tucson and took Zee to Phoenix where he was rushed to Bethany Animal Hospital by Debi and Woody Woodard of Fast Dogs-Fast Friends. In less than 24 hours of the information first getting to Wings For Greyhounds, Zee was hospitalized and receiving appropriate and life saving care.

Zee's first round of surgery took place on Wednesday. His elbow was so badly shattered that the surgeon had no sizeable piece of bone to pin and the decision was made to amputate the leg. A second surgery was needed the following week to rectify the muscle damage caused by the deep and extensive laceration on Zee's left side.

Zee at hospital  Zee waking up after surgery
Zee at the hospital and waking up after surgery
Photo courtesy Woody Woodard / Fast Dogs-Fast Friends

Zee has been renamed Zeke and is recovering and adjusting well to living his life on three legs at the Woodard's home in Phoenix. His progress will be posted weekly on the Fast Dogs Fast Friends web site.


Lanky Lance turned 11 years old and had quite a party! Here he is with his good buddies and more Wings For Greyhounds alumni - The Sedona Squadron. From left to right are Belle, Chance, McCloud, Mission Commander Lanky Lance, Fever, Chaco, Grant, Edna and Rhoda.

Lanky Lance's birthday bash


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