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In 1996, using a small private plane and with the help of volunteer pilots and co-pilots, Maggie McCurry began flying retired racing Greyhounds between Greyhound rescue organizations working at the Arizona race tracks and the outlying Greyhound adoption centers in the Los Angeles, Northern and Central California area.

The requests for Greyhound flights grew and Wings for Greyhounds was incorporated as a non-profit entity. This enabled us to better assist the various Greyhound rescue and adoption agencies asking for our help with a more reliable and dependable transportation service. Our air service is faster than road travel, we can fly "on demand", and the journey by air is much shorter and less stressful on the animals.

Greyhound rescue and adoption organizations that Wings for Greyhounds, Inc. has been privileged to assist include the Greyhound Adoption League, Inc., Arizona Adopt-A-Greyhound, Inc., Retired Racers Greyhound Rescue And Adoption, Inc., Greyhounds Friends for Life, The Retired Greyhound Adoption Service, Inc., Northern California Greyhound Adoption Program, and Greyhound Connection.

  • Fly retired racing Greyhounds between the Greyhound rescue organizations at the race tracks and the outlying Greyhound adoption centers.

  • Work to generate media interest in our project and help to promote the image of the retired racing Greyhound as an adoptable family pet.

  • Raise public awareness of the acute problems faced by an estimated 25,000 retired racing Greyhounds each year when their racing days are over.

  • Present a positive image of General Aviation and show how it can be, and is being used for good in the community.

  • Say YES! I want to help Wings for Greyhounds fly. Please send personal donations to the address below. Wings for Greyhounds is a 501-c non-profit corporation, and all donations may be tax deductible per applicable tax laws.

  • Visit our WFG Store for a selection of T-shirts, Sweatshirts, and hats.

  • Become a corporate sponsor. Please contact for more information.

Maggie and Lance

Maggie and Lanky Lance
Maggie McCurry, initiator of Wings For Greyhounds, Inc. is a commercial pilot with multi-engine and instrument ratings. She is a member of the 99's, the International Organization of Women Pilots, a member of Women In Aviation and AOPA, and has been a licensed pilot for over 14 years.

217 E Hwy 260
Payson, AZ   85541

Phone: 1-888-4WEFLY'M
Direct: (928) 284-9895
Fax: (928) 284-9827

Or you can call and talk to us at

1-888-4WE FLY'M
(928) 284-9895

for more information about our project...and if we're out flying Greyhounds, leave us a message and we will call you right back!

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